Burke Baseball “Steals” Their Way Into The Playoffs

Terry Gladden & Brandon Simmons, Staff Writers

With a record of 3-6, the Burke Bulldogs varsity baseball team pulled off a historical season this year, making it to the playoffs. This was made possible by the forfeiture of North Charleston High school and Garrett Academy and Technology.

Coached by Mr. McDonald and Coach Wolter, the Bulldogs made it all the way to their first 6AA baseball playoff in 15 years. Experienced seniors Calvin Gathers, Anthony Hill, and Terry Gladden, rallied their underclassmen teammates to make BHS history. 

“I’m really proud of our team, we played hard,” said senior Terry Gladden. “Our younger teammates have a lot of potential, too, so I’ll be looking to see them go even further next year.”

Team members include:

Tyler Drayton #10 Center Field / Second Base
Anthony Hill #11 Third Base / Pitcher
Pottero Brown #12 Second Base
Markwese Cummings#13 Center Field
Jaden Anderson #14 Pitcher / Short Stop
Terry Gladden #15 Short-Stop / Pitcher
Sharod Brooks #16 Out Field
Joshua Wright #18 Left Field
Vyshonne Haynes #19 First Base
Anthony Johnson #20 Right Field
Jacoby Johnson #21 Right Field
Calvin Gathers #22 Out Field / In Field / Pitcher
Brandon Simmons #23 Out Field
Fletcher Gibbs #24 Catcher

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