The New Mr.& Mrs.Burke

Zarea Pelzer, Co-Editor and Staff Writer

On April 20th 2017, Burke High School crowned their new Mr. & Mrs.Burke for the 2017-2018 school year, Jordan Brown and Destiny Williams.

“This was a very emotional ride to the crown because there was a lot of talent in this group and it was hard to predict who would win,” said Destiny Williams. Destiny only won by one vote by judges, nudging past Aamani Hamilton for a very close win.

Other pageant constants included Oddessey Mcdonald, Aamani Hamilton, and T’auni Paige, but only 2 Junior class members could be selected to represent Burke High School as Mr. and Mrs. Burke next year, their senior year.

Aamani Hamilton placed as first runner up, with T’auni Paige was the second runner up for the Mrs. Burke, with Oddessey Mcdonald placing first runner up for Mr. Burke.

Attendants of the pageant were very impressed with the raw emotion and “real” nature of the talents performed.  “This is great history that Burke has continued and I love Burke,” said a parent.