Roaring 20s live museum launches New Tech’s project based learning at Burke


Roaring 20s Live Wax Museum

James Snipe, Co-Editor, Staff Writer

On April 27th, students at Burke experienced Roaring 20s without a time machine. In a cooperative learning experience between the English and History Departments, students witnessed a live performance wax museum in the BHS media center based on the book “The Great Gatsby.” Teachers and staff dressed and acted out 1920s-era characters like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Al Capone and ‘flappers’ to create a “speakeasy” learning experience.

The Great Gatsby wax museum was a test pilot of a Project Based Learning Experience teachers developed in their training for New Tech Network. New Tech’s method of instruction and learning involves using realistic projects across curriculum in a collaborative way. This project, for instance, was a perfect way to educate students on both the history and literature of the time period. During this event, students learned lessons from Ms. Oliver’s & Navarette’s  English classes and Mr. Fields’ history class through a fun, real life experience that can be more beneficial to them in the long run.

The wax museum idea was developed by several faculty members who took part in the New Tech teacher residency this school year. Other faculty members donned costumes and pitched in with their dramatic skills to play characters in the museum.