Engineering Team Wins DOT Sponsored Bridge Building Competition by a Landslide


James Snipe, Staff Writer

Burke students Aysha Bowens, Keyshon Green, Kaiasia Williams and Nandi Williams didn’t let their age keep them from building a better bridge.

This winter, the Department of Transportation sponsored the First Annual Charleston County Bridge Building Contest. Open only to junior and senior high school students, the contest rules included building a bridge comprised only of popsicle sticks to be tested by The Citadel for how much weight the bridges could hold. 

Although our BHS students were not qualified to enter the contest per the age requirements, they decided to build an entry anyway. With the help of their instructor Mr. Roy Kemp, they designed a bridge and submitted it on February 27th 2018. 

On March 6th, Mr. Kemp was notified by Amanda Ramage, Project Officer at Charleston County Government, that the team won first place in the competition. In her email, she said that After deliberation, the judges decided placing a restriction on entering based on grade level should not be a deciding factor. Your entry held 380 lbs of weight until failure.  That is incredible!”

Ms. Ramage went on to say that the 2nd place bridge entry only supported 65 pounds; not even close to the Burke team’s submission. The Citadel cadets testing the contest remarked that it was a record in its STEM Bridge Building Competition. 

Congrats to the team on a job well done!