BHS Student Walkout Featured in Local Press


Photo courtesy of Wade Spees, Post and Courier

Aamani Hamilton, Staff Writer

As students across the nation participated in a “walkout” demonstration against gun violence on Wednesday, March 14th, school administrators strived to find a balance between freedom of speech and student safety. 

Schools protested the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida across the US. Most protests were originally planned to have students walk out of schools and classrooms, but in many cases, had to change the nature of their protest for security reasons. 

The protest raised concerns from school officials about the safety of the students. What the students were walking about against was a positive thing, but It gave anyone to actually try something at that particular time. 

Some school’s administrative teams offered students to walk out, but in certain areas of the school. For example, the senior courtyard was an option because it is invisible from any outsiders. 

“I do think that the walkout was safe. I really enjoyed how the student body came together as one and took the initiative to speak out against something that has impacted the nation,” said Tayana Winns.   

Students participating in Burke’s walkout were featured in the Post and Courier.

(photo courtesy of Wade Spees, Post and Courier)