Soccer Team’s Unexpected Loss Against Woodland


Bulldog soccer team member Frank Wright cant hide his excitement from the GoPro Cam

De'Lawrel Rogers, Staff Writer

The BHS soccer team suffered an unexpected 4-1 loss to Woodland High School on Tuesday, March 27th. After a 5-1 win against Garrett Tech on March 22, the loss to Woodland was deflating.

“We were disappointed,” said Jamison Bennekin, “but we played together as a unit with heart and determination until the final whistle.”

Coach Peter Locher agreed with the level of teamwork shown. “It was the first game all season that we were at full strength. I was really impressed by how much heart the team showed. As we continue to get more familiar with each other as teammates, we’re only going to get better,” said Locher.
BHS Soccer Team Flag - Dare Mighty Things
Building teamwork was the first order of business for Coaches Locher and Amy Allen after tryouts and once training began. The players and coaches chose a team motto based on a quote from President Theodore Roosevelt

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure…than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. 

“It means don’t be afraid to try…you never know when you’ll be great,” said center forward Frank Wright. 

  • Hesham Hikal, grade 12, #7
  • Deandre Taylor, grade 12, #6
  • Mekhi Smith, grade 12, #10
  • Javier Gathers, grade 12, #11
  • Jasmine Smith, grade 12, #15
  • Kaitlyn White, grade 12, #25
  • Jamison Benekin, grade 11, #4, mid-field
  • DeLawrel Rogers, grade 10, #2
  • Frank Wright, grade 10, #5, center forward
  • Kelvin Allen, grade 10, Goalie 
  • Antonio, McCray, grade 9, #3
  • Malaki Graham, grade 9, #13
  • Malik Graham, grade 9, #9
  • JD Powell grade, 9, #1
  • Malek Singelton, grade 9, #8
  • Omar Polite, grade 9, #12
  • Terrell Wright, grade 9, #14

Come cheer on the mighty Bulldogs in our upcoming games:

Thursday, 3/19: home, vs. North Charleston (region match)

Thursday, 4/12 at Garrett

Tuesday, April 17 home vs. Charleston Math and Science

Thursday, April 19 at Whale Branch (region match)

Tuesday, April 24 at St. John’s