Senior Spotlight: Vyshonne Hakeem


Raven Mitchell, Staff Writer

Vyshonne Hakeem Moses Haynes is a senior. Originally from Beaufort, SC, Vyshonne’s birthday is February 9th. A valued athlete at BHS, Vyshonne was a member of the football team, playing nose guard and center, as well as the baseball team, for which he played first base. Vyshonne was also on the wrestling team in the 285 weight class. He placed 6th at State for Burke this past winter.

After school, Vyshonne enjoys playing basketball, drawing and finding new things to cook.

After graduation, Vyshonne plans to attend South Carolina State and play on their football team.

When asked which teacher had the most influence on him, Vyshonne stated Mrs. Navaratte because she always pushed him to do the best that he could and never gave up on him. Another of his favorite teachers is Ms. Duke because she is like a second mother to him and is always looking out for his best interest and well-being.

Some advice Vyshonne has for underclassmen is “always turn in your work”, “stop worrying about others if they are not worried about you,” and “if it’s not beneficial to you, don’t worry about it.”

In 10 years, Vyshonne sees himself playing for the NFL or working for a successful graphics design company.