Burke/Wando Expedition to Bulls Island


Joshua Bostic, Staff Writer

On April 11, fifteen Burke students and seven Wando students went on a exciting trip together to explore Bulls Island, the largest of four barrier islands in the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. Together the students explored the 5000-acre maritime forest that remains virtually untouched and and learn more about the culture of South Carolina.   After a boat trip to the island, students learned about American oystercatchers, which can only thrive in estuaries where the water is very clean.  As a species, their numbers have been diminishing because their food source,oysters, have been over-harvested and their habitats have been affected.   Up next was a visit to the Dominick House, located inside Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. Built in 1925 by former U.S. Sen. Gayer Dominick as a hunting retreat, the Dominick House was once run as an inn for nature enthusiasts. Today it serves as a housing unit for refuge employees and volunteers.   Following the tour of the Dominick House, students hiked to Boneyard Beach, where they observed sand dollars, moon shells and whelk.  After their hike on the beach they rode to Alligator Alley, home of some of the largest alligators in SC. They were able to observe the alligators in their natural habitat, basking in the sun.   Students then went to explore the African culture of Bulls Island by meeting and learning about the famous Geechee people. There they learned from the Geechee people about the Gullah sweetgrass baskets that have been made by the gullah people for more than 300 years brought from slaves from west africa has been passed from generation to generation.