Senior Spotlight: T’au’ni Paige


Raven Mitchell and Jordan Brown

T’au’ni Paige is an 18 year old Charleston native. After her graduation on June 1, T’au’ni is planning to attend South Carolina State University in the upcoming fall semester to major in Psychology and minor in Criminal Justice. Once she graduates SCSU, she plans on leaving South Carolina to become a police officer and later a profiler.

When asked who influenced her the most at her four years in Burke High, Ms. Paige answered “Ms. Mindel because she is young and she can relate to a lot of us.

The one thing that T’au’ni wants the underclassmen to do is to “pay attention to class and don’t follow up anyone.” Some advice that she gives is “work harder than your peers and stand out the most. Strive for what you want in life and don’t give up.”