Faculty Spotlight: Peter Locher


Peter Locher, Earth Science

Rahmell Bell, Staff Writer

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 


Graduated from? 

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I also played on UWM’s basketball team as a Shooting Guard.


What do you teach?

I teach Earth Science. I also coach the girl’s basketball team and serve as Coach Allen’s assistant for the soccer team.


How long have you been teaching?  

I’ve been teaching for six years. Before I came to Burke this year, I taught in Milwaukee. 


Do you feel like there are major differences teaching “up North” versus “down South?”

It’s a lot more fun down here! Also, it seems like the students here are more passionate about their future.


Hobbies or interests?

Traveling. Also, basketball.


How do you typically start your day? 

I take my dog for a walk and think, “how am I going to rock this day?”


Are you married? 

I’m engaged. We’re getting married in 2020.


What’s your favorite thing about Burke?

The students are my favorite thing. By far.