What Will Happen to Our Dear Old Burke?

James Snipe, Co-Editor & Staff Reporter

Would you go in a cave at night without a flashlight?  The fact is you wouldn’t and we, as students next year, will be walking in that cave without a flashlight.  We don’t know what will happen to our school when you put in another whole school without our thoughts. Our priority as students is to find out what will happen to Burke before you do something that you regret and can’t change.

As you may know Burke may be sharing its campus with Allegro Charter School of Music. Yet, Burke is a public school, and there is no criteria to get in. On the other side is Allegro, a charter school for music.  We want to know what will happen to Burke?

Yes, you say Allegro will help us, but when does the real planning happen? I went to a meeting, but there hasn’t been enough thought on how the charter is going to work with the public school.  The LTA program got implemented at Burke without enough planning. On the year that they came, we procrastinated and ended up not having ideas how it was going to work.  So as a student, I wonder how the next year will be greatly affected by problems that should have been dealt with much more planning?

I feel that no one is trying to include a student response.  We have to get more information to the students. There are meetings, but no one is letting us know what we will be walking into next year. As a student, I wonder are you really looking for our response – not just putting it together and letting us deal with the problems? Ya’ll are trying to please the adults, but they are not the ones going to this school and being affected by these decisions.

Allegro is a whole different kind of school. It may bring diversity, but we don’t want this without the right type of planning.”

— James Snipe, Staff Reporter

You just keep avoiding how the students feel regarding this situation.  With this idea we can put our school in a great dilemma.  Do we want to go back to the past like they did with putting Academic Magnet and Burke together? We do not want to repeat that.

Before we change the school, we need to get a response from the people that are directly dealing with it and not the people that used to or aren’t anymore. The students have to be included in these decisions because we are the ones that are going to be dealing with this not you. You have to hear our ideas on how it will affect us and not assuming that we are on board.

So once again: What will happen to our dear old Burke?

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