Burke High Game Prices are Too High


Kaitlyn White & Tayanna Winns, Staff Writers

It is a great year for Burke basketball. The Bulldogs are 17-4, and the lady Bulldogs are 18-5. Burke students are turning out to cheer their teams- and paying top prices to do it. The prices are too high, students say.

Burke charges students $7 to get into the games. By comparison , students at Garrett High, Stall High and Porter Gaud Pay only $4 With an ID, according to a survey by the Parvenue. Students at Military Magnet pay $5 with an ID. West Ashley High is the only other school we asked that also charges student $7.

“I feel as though student should get discounts like 50 percent off if we bring out IDs because it would encourage school spirit, and other people should pay full price” says Jordan Brown , a Burke junior.

Another student, Aamani Hamilton went even further: ”I think students should get in for free.”

Not everyone agrees.

“It’s a reasonable price on the game because it’s not really that much,” said Jahleal Watson.

Coach Wayne Alston explained the money from tickets goes to pay expenses for the games and the teams. “The $7 at the basketball games goes to the team. We have things we need to supplement — uniforms, upkeep and everything comes out the school budget,” Coach Alston said. “If we don’t make the money at the booth, then we can’t do anything. And that doesn’t just go for the basketball program, but all our athletic programs.”

We asked Administrator Mr. Alan Smith and Spanish teacher Ms. Amy Allen for their opinions. Both said the money was going for a good cause, but said prices should sometimes be cut.

Dr. Ryan, US History teacher at Burke, sided with the students. “Seven dollars for a game is too high — too close to movie theater prices,’’ he said.