Life Goes On by Mekhi Smith

Life goes on

Life goes on .. Big or small

Whether in a building you have one ethnicity…or have them all

Life goes on win or lose

Quite frankly it sucks but you don’t get to choose

Life in a school is not much different from that of the outside world. Lately there has been a constant uproar about not having the enrollment to occupy the Burke high school building designed by Harvey Gantt. A well- known architect.

A school full of students eager to meet new people but the new people afraid of what Burke is said to be.  But I understand, we are Bulldogs we intimidate many.

And in spite of the rumors spread amongst the district Burke continues to progress

In spite of the constant stereotypes about my school ….education will continue nevertheless

And it will continue to go on whether we have 10 or 20 students in one classroom  

Because the students at Burke are capable of doing things no other school can do

We are bulldogs and, We will continue to create a pathway for students and protect our own

Because here at dear old Burke “life goes on”.

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