As One by Kaitlyn White

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As One by Kaitlyn White

Kaitlyn White, Staff Writer

Even though slavery ended and segregation,

Some people still feel segregated,

Others aggravated,

That right now we still feel separated

Pro-blacks not wanting whites people to teach their generation

In attack when their child is not getting a well education

Pro-Whites wanting black people to not have their rights,

On sight screaming ”N*gger N*gger this will always be a fight”

Dumbing down blacks not wanting them to be involved

But us as a nation have to get this solved

Are we all not humans?

Is this not our nation?

Do we have to point fingers to different race for our own complications?

So what if a school is one-colored

Why do we abominated each other

I rather let a white teacher who’s doing well teaching blacks then let her go for her color for another

Base us as people, don’t base us by complexion

Base us by skill and our perfections.

We are all one.

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